The 2L PR Agency has prepared the SMM course for gamers

We launched a new discipline at the Department of Mind Sports Theory and Methodology in an e-sport group — the Information Support of Activities in Social Media. This course will help to properly promote the group on Facebook, VKontakte and YouTube, to create interesting content and to bring the attention of the general public to gaming events.

Social media are an effective tool to support different activities, including e-sport. All major gaming communities are concentrated in VKontakte and the gaming channels on YouTube have huge ratings. As for Facebook, this platform appeals to a more adult audience and helps to build dialogue with the parents of the future students. The ability to work with information in social media is a useful skill for those who plan to engage in professional e-sports.

During the course our students have set up training pages of the eSports Department in Facebook, VKontakte and on YouTube. Each student will monitor one of the groups during one week, and then hand over the administration to one of the classmates. The next stream of students will continue to support these websites. This system will provide the necessary experience and help the students to get acquainted with the practical aspects of SMM.

Elena Nazarova (Елена Назарова) — Development Director of 2L PR Agency — will teach the new course on the information support of activities. The agency has existed since the 2002 and specializes in SMM, PR and marketing communications for the IT-brands. Engaging experts to conduct practical studies is one of the most important achievements of the department in constructing the methods of teaching the world's first professional e-sports higher education.

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